Programme continuity during COVID-19


The Bid2Win Procurement Programme is still running, we’ve just updated the delivery model!  Council and Envision are keen to ensure that we can continue to provide support to companies in the Antrim & Newtownabbey, Mid & East Antrim and Lisburn & Castlereagh  Council areas. 

In these current challenging circumstances three things should be taken into account:

1. Public procurement will not stop. In fact, public procurement in some areas may increase significantly. Government will be seeking, where possible, to maintain public procurement to provide a degree of stable demand for companies that are facing challenging market circumstances.

2. We have to be conscious of safety and public health, but help companies to continue their work

3. And of course, we have to keep our economy going and to take the opportunity of down-time to plan, and to come out stronger.

In seeking to balance these considerations the Bid2Win Programme will continue via an interactive online format:

  • Workshops have been designed to be delivered via online webinar – that can facilitate interaction with the trainer and between participants.
  • Mentoring will be delivered remotely, through a combination of:
    1. ZOOM video conference meetings
    2. remote document review – RFT review; bid library review, draft bid content review
    3. and email / documentary feedback
    4. interspersed with further ZOOM video conference meetings as required

You don’t need a ZOOM account or any particular technology – other than a computer.

Envision will send you the appropriate links to meetings as needed – you just need to click and join the meetings that are scheduled.

If your interest is in availing of mentor support (or additional mentor support) contact us – we will be providing this support throughout this period.

The world of public procurement will not stop.  So, neither will we.


Programme continuity during COVID-19


For Your Share of a Market worth Billons

What’s the value of the Public Procurement market …. in the UK and Ireland?

  • £11bn in Scotland
  • Close to £11bn on the Island of Ireland too
  • And over £260bn in England & Wales

That presents a massive market opportunity for companies throughout Antrim, Newtownabbey, Lisburn and Castlereagh.

Private sector supply chains – where tendering is prevalent – also present major opportunities on these islands, in the construction sector, in water, energy, health, transport, marine, aviation/aerospace….. and many other supply chains.

These sectors are all being primed for major investment – by Governments and major corporates in Ireland and across all regions of the UK.

Accessing these Opportunities

Can SME’s access these opportunities?

Yes !!!

Data now confirms that SME’s win 80% of public tenders in the UK and Ireland.

Many of the very large contracts do go to large corporates … and rightly so; but SME’s win the lions’ share of public contracts. In private sector supply chains – at Tier 1, big corporates dominate.

And they need high-quality suppliers to tender for work packages, that become more and more accessible to SME’s at Tier 2 and Tier 3.

So what now

If you want to Bid2Win, to improve your bidding performance (and to achieve growth) in tendered sectors of the market in the UK and Ireland – then this Bid2Win programme will help you to:

  • Identify the right target sectors, companies, and public sector bodies to bid into;
  • Identify sources of information on bid pipelines, and live bid events;
  • Make the right decisions, about what bids to pursue, and which to leave well alone;
  • Improve your bid content;
  • And ultimately improve bid outcomes: Bid2Win much more often.

To participate on Bid2Win, please click on the button below to download the application form-

Click Here

Please send the completed application to:

An Overview of the Programme – What it Involves

First – you attend a workshop on Bidding to Win.  There are 4 of these workshops per annum, and you must attend one, in order to avail of the significant level of mentor support.

If you recruit new people to your tender/bid team, you can attend more than one Bidding to Win workshop – but you must attend one as a minimum.

For workshop dates, please see below:

Bidding to Win Workshops

Online23 September 20209.30am – 1.30pm
Online18 November 20209.30am – 1.30pm
Join this webinar and afterwards, we’ll allocate a mentor. There are three levels of mentor support available:

  • Stream 1: 1 day of mentor support.
  • Stream 2: Up to 3 days of mentor support.
  • Stream 3: Up to 4 days of mentor support.

You can potentially start with Stream 1 or 2 mentoring ….. and progress to stream 3 if a live tender opportunity emerges.

But you can only have access to a maximum of 4 days of mentor time in total across all streams.  This limit has to be adhered to, because the programme is free, and mentoring must be made available to as many SME’s as possible.

The Programme also provides you with the opportunity to participate in a series of specialist workshops.

Link to these workshops–  Click Here

We will also be organising Meet the Buyer Events-

Meet the Buyer Events (across 3 years)
Involving major public sector and private sector organisations in the region for scheduled meet the buyer events.

To participate on this tender support programme – Click Here

Or call 02890 452777 to speak to a member of the tender team.


This project is part funded by Invest Northern Ireland and the European Regional Development Fund under the investment for Growth and Jobs Northern Ireland (2014-2020) Programme.