Programme continuity during COVID-19


Go-2-Tender is still running, we’ve just updated the delivery model!  InterTradeIreland and Envision are keen to ensure that we can continue to provide support to companies on the island of Ireland.

In these current challenging circumstances three things should be taken into account:

1. Public procurement will not stop. In fact, public procurement in some areas may increase significantly. Government will be seeking, where possible, to maintain public procurement to provide a degree of stable demand for companies that are facing challenging market circumstances.

2. We have to be conscious of safety and public health, but help companies to continue their work

3. And of course, we have to keep our economy going and to take the opportunity of down-time to plan, and to come out stronger.

In seeking to balance these considerations the Go-2-Tender Programme will continue via an interactive online format:

  • Workshops have been designed to be delivered via online webinar – that can facilitate interaction with the trainer and between participants.
  • Mentoring will be delivered remotely, through a combination of:
    1. ZOOM video conference meetings
    2. remote document review – RFT review; bid library review, draft bid content review
    3. and email / documentary feedback
    4. interspersed with further ZOOM video conference meetings as required

You don’t need a ZOOM account or any particular technology – other than a computer.

Envision will send you the appropriate links to meetings as needed – you just need to click and join the meetings that are scheduled.

If your interest is in availing of mentor support (or additional mentor support) contact us – we will be providing this support throughout this period.

The world of public procurement will not stop.  So, neither will we.


Programme continuity during COVID-19


… with the Go-2-Tender Programme

Are you a SME keen to get your share of the €12bn/ £10.6bn all-island
Public Procurement Market
Then InterTradeIreland’s Go-2-Tender programme is for you!

Go-2-Tender, InterTradeIreland’s award winning tender training programme, aims to give SMEs the confidence, knowledge and practical skills to tender successfully for public sector contracts in their own jurisdiction and on a cross-border basis. The programme consists of 2 days’ training by experienced bid specialists with up to 2 days of expert one-to-one mentoring available to eligible companies.

Please see below for a sample of the content covered at the workshop:

Day 1:

  • Understanding the public sector on an all-island basis
  • Mapping the sectors
  • E-Tendering –
    • The process of tendering online, where to source opportunities, common procurement vocabulary (CPV) codes etc.
    • Portals include eTendersNI, eTenders.gov.ie, LA Quotes, TED etc.
  • Partnerships, consortiums and collaborative working
  • The bid/no-bid decision – how do you decide? and what should your strategy be?

Day 2:

  • How to write a good tender bid document
  • How to understand the process – from reading the terms of reference, understanding and answering the questions, to submitting the bid and accompanying documents
  • What the content should look like
  • What structure, language and tone to use
  • How to debrief and ask for feedback
  • What do to next

For further information please download the brochure here.

Upcoming Workshops:

LocationDay 1Day 2Time
Online23 September 202029 September 20209.30am – 3.30pm (both days)

*Note- In order to avail of the one-to-one mentoring, a company representative must join both webinars.


In order to attend, we ask companies to complete the attached application form:Go-2-Tender Workshop Application

For further information please contact us here:

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